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Upcoming News & Events:

We are delighted to announce that we have paired with the Huntly Writers Poetry group to deliver a weekly poem or segment of a poem to you every Thursday. We hope to make this a regular occurence and welcome your feedback!


This weeks poem is titled "Childhood" and was written by Tricia MacParland, it reads:

"The toys we used to play with,
Evoke happy memories with their simple delights,
The sweets we used to savour,
Bring images to life,
The places we adventured,
Provide glimpses of the past,
A history long over,
But not forgotten and will ever last,
We question whether modern children,
With their wealth of complex playthings,
Will experience and reminisce on times so fondly,
And the pleasures that they bring."

On Friday the 21st of September the Museum was fortunate enough to have the honour of hosting a private tour and visit for His Royal Highness the Duke of Rothesay. The Duke took great interest in all of the museum displays and was even deeply engaged with the local Doric dialect. The Duke then met with many of our volunteers to discuss their particular areas of interest in the museum and the work that they do for the museum. We all greatly enjoyed the time His Royal Highness spent with us and believe that the engagement of all individuals from all walks of life is key to fulfilling the aims of the museum. Haste Ye Back your highness.

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